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The nuthatches constitute a genus, Sitta, of small passerine birds belonging to the family Sittidae. Characterised by large heads, short tails, and powerful bills and feet, nuthatches advertise their territory using loud, simple songs. Most species exhibit grey or bluish upperparts and a black eye stripe.

Our Nuthatch  was one of the first birds we added to the collectible series.  We watched him on many occasions coming down the tree to the feeder. His little short tail sets him apart  from other birds at the feeder.

Each bird, table setting or wall mount, is mounted on driftwood or local wood and there aren’t 2 alike.  If you prefer seeing what setting is available we can email you a picture.

Wall Nuthatch (1bird)

Wall Nuthatch (1bird)

Most species are non-migratory and live in their habitat year-round, although the North American Red-breasted Nuthatch migrates to warmer regions during the winter. A few nuthatch species have restricted ranges and face threats from deforestation.

Nuthatches are omnivorous, eating mostly insects, nuts and seeds. They forage for insects hidden in or under bark by climbing along tree trunks and branches, sometimes upside-down. They forage within their territories when breeding, but they may join mixed feeding flocks at other times. Their habit of wedging a large food item in a crevice and then hacking at it with their strong bills gives this group its English name.

Nuthatch Table Piece

Nuthatch Large Lamp

Nuthatch Wall Mount

Nuthatch Small Lamp

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