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Grosbeak /ˈɡroʊsbiːk/ is a form taxon containing various species of seed-eating passerine birds with large beaks. Although they all belong to the superfamily Passeroidea, these birds are not part of a natural group but rather a polyphyletic assemblage of distantly related songbirds. Some are cardueline finches in the family Fringillidae, while others are cardinals in the family Cardinalidae; one is a member of the weaver family Ploceidae. The word “grosbeak”, first applied in the late 1670s, is a partial translation of the French grosbec, where gros means “large” and bec means “beak”.

The following is a list of grosbeak species, arranged in groups of closely related genera. Note that these genera are more closely related to smaller-billed birds than to other grosbeaks. The single exception are the three genera of “typical grosbeak finches”, which indeed form a group of closest living relatives and might thus be considered the “true” grosbeaks.

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