Brown Pelican

Two sizes available - the small 5" on molded base and 9" on cedar post depicted here.

Two sizes available – the small 5″ on molded base and 9″ on cedar post depicted here.

Our Pelicans have been hand carved by Bill Fewell, and reproduced in a Poly Rubber mold and hand painted by Beth.  The Habitat’s are pillars of driftwood, shells etc for wall or table pieces.

The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) is a small pelican found in the Americas. It is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western United States.  It is one of only three pelican species found in the Western Hemisphere. The brown pelican is one of the only two pelican species which feeds by diving into the water.

An unmistakable bird of coastal waters, groups of brown pelicans fly low over the waves in single file, flapping and gliding in unison.  Their feeding behavior is an unusual spectacle as they plunge headlong into the water in pursuit of fish.  Their pouch will hold up to 3 gallons of water, and adults will consume up to four pounds of fish each day. According to Audubon, the brown pelican is a modern conservation success story, as the halt of using DDT and other persistent pesticides in the 1970s helped to bring the pelican back from the brink of extinction.

Our inspiration for the pelican comes from our joy of visiting the small coastal town of Cedar Key along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, a half-day trip from our home in Fort White, Florida, where coastal birds and pelicans outnumber and out-fish the local residents.  We visited there recently so Beth could view their coloring  before painting our new additions.  We hope that you enjoy these beautiful birds as much as we have.  Our large birds are displayed on individualized pieces of natural drift wood (usually cedar) collected along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

Brown Pelican Small Table Piece 5″ $30

Brown Pelican Large on Cedar Post 9″ $50

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