Blue and White Heron

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

This reproduction from Bill’s carved Mini Heron is approximately 10″+ driftwood habitat setting. (Each setting is different)  It is available on  Wall Pieces, for the table or on lamps. The size of the  pieces vary and your choice of size will be determined based on the    availability of driftwood.

The Blue Heron is the largest heron in North America.  The bill is dull  yellowish, becoming orange briefly at the start of the breeding season,  and the lower legs gray.  Immature birds are duller in color, with a dull blackish-gray crown.

The Great White Heron differs only slightly in size and plumage tone and  is mainly found near salt water, and is also seen in spring fed rivers in Northern Florida.  It was long thought to be a separate species.  The theory that Great White may be a separate species (A. occidentalis) from the Great Blue Heron has again been given some support by David Sibley.


The call is a harsh croak. The heron is most vocal during the breeding season, but will call occasionally at any time of the year in territorial disputes or if disturbed.


When you choose a wall heron we would better serve you if you email us or call us to give us further info regarding the size of the piece you would like.

Blue Heron Wall or Table Piece

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